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Are you a blogger?  What type of blogger are you?  There are so many types of bloggers out there. You could be a beginning blogger, intermediate blogger, hobby blogger, pro blogger, or a full-time blogger.  I believe no matter the type of blogger you are there is always something to learn new and things are changing. There are things that I have learned through the years as a blogger.

*** You need Persistence — Maybe you have been blogging every day for the past 2 years with little money to show.  Money does not come right away.  Maybe change up what you doing but keep working at it.

*** Making Blogging hours — If you are a stay at home mom, it can be hard to find time to blog.  Set aside time each day just to blog at your computer.  As a mother, we can always find things to do in the house between cleaning, dishes, laundry or cooking.  Some mothers get up early before the kids get up and do some blogging work.

*** Affiliates — Apply to affiliates that may fit your blog niche.  Try to post about your affiliate from time to time.

*** Blogger groups — Join blogging groups on Facebook where you can network, ask questions or even share your newest blog posts.

*** Family Time — There should time that you spend with your family.  An idea is to not spend time on the computer when your husband is home that way it is dedicated to him only.

*** Use a planner to schedule your post ideas and keep track of your monthly stats.  Some people like planners that are in print and some like it on their computer.  A planner that I have been able to use is one that can be used online or can be printed.  I have printed it out.  It can be found at Mom’s Small Victories.

All of these points you need in your life in regards to your blog in order to make any type of money.  Good Luck in your adventure of blogging and making money.



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