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Did you know that Slow cookers can help your Family life?

Do you use your slow cooker often?  I need to use mine more than what I do.  I know people that have more than one in case one is dirty. I work night shift so I sleep during the day.  It can be hard waking up in the afternoon and …

Everyday thoughts

4 Important Ways to be Prepared for School

School will be starting shortly, sooner for some.  Some parents may be happy for this time and some are sad because their children are growing up.  How do you become prepared for school as a family or as  parent yourself?  Each person can prepare they household in different ways.  One …

Everyday thoughts

Are you wanting to be a more organized person?

Do you believe you are organized? A wife and mom need to be organized in their own homes.  Think about all the things a woman must keep organized in their head or in their home.  Do find yourself scatter brained sometimes looking for some specific information.  There are those moms …

Everyday thoughts

Do you need to change your mornings?

How you start your day makes a world of difference?  Do you do the same things everyday?  What could you be changing?  Think about how others are successful in their days.  I have seen families with many children run a strict routine from day to day.  Then I am sure …

Everyday thoughts

6 Important Things you should be doing on Sundays at your House

What do you do on Sundays?  Sundays around our house is a relaxing day.  It is a day we spend with family.  Let’s guess a majority of parents do not work on Sundays.  There are some that do like law  enforcement, healthcare or some retail as well. Sunday is the …

Everyday thoughts

Why is it important for a family to go on vacation?

Families get routines of doing things at home. Mothers can always find things that need to be done between cleaning or organizing and even baking for the family.  Even myself as a blogger needs to get away from house and computer.  Our family when at home is either watching television …