Why is it important for a family to go on vacation?

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Families get routines of doing things at home. Mothers can always find things that need to be done between cleaning or organizing and even baking for the family.  Even myself as a blogger needs to get away from house and computer.  Our family when at home is either watching television or at the neighbors.  It has taken a number of years for our family to have a decent amount of money to go on a good family vacation. It is good to get away from the stress of the house and other things that a person is around on a daily basis.  I have found these are reasons to go on a good vacation not just a weekend.

We just got back from Branson, Mo.  We had planned this vacation as a family. My husband felt we really needed this vacation.  Through the years we didn’t have a good vacation. This vacation was filled with new places and things to do.  We actually for once had extra money if we wanted to do something. We stayed on Table Rock lake.  My son enjoyed fishing anytime any wanted too.  I will be sharing in future posts about the places we went which include the Titanic museum, Branson Wild World/Wild animal adventures, Talking Rocks Caverns and Veterans Museum.

** Have a bonding time with your child/children–My husband and son had bonding time while fishing and swimming.

** Experience new places and things to do — We went to a veterans museum and vertical cave.  I personally would not go to a veterans museum if my husband was not there with me.  I did learn some things though.

** Get away from the television –I did find myself watching television at the end of the day.  We don’t have cable at out house.  Some families can be found watching too much television each day.

** Learn new things from the places you visit.

** To give mom a break from cooking breakfast and supper each day.

** Have some genuine couple bonding time with your spouse as well. My husband and I spend time just in the pool our by the pool talking and in the evening sitting outside of the room.

I personally would like to advise any family to try to save up some money and go on a vacation.  Try and see some new sites, learn about new places and people.  Talk to the people at the pool where you are swimming at.  Try not to turn the television on.  Try different places to eat while are away from home.

Do you go on family vacations?  Where was your last family vacation?


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This is important! I fully agree every family should travel. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to take a great vacation. I love to get my kids out and learn new things through experiences. I am very mindful of that on vacation, but I think I need to do a better job throughout the rest of the summer. We live in Richmond, VA, and there are so many educational day trips we could go on. Thanks for sharing!
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I completely agree. We LOVE our time as a family on vacation. It forces you to put everything else aside and truly focus on each other. Great post!

I think it’s so important to go on family vacations at any age too. As an adult, my family and I still make an effort to go on vacations together. We’re actually going to Daytona beach this weekend!

We are leaving for a family vacation in two days – to South Carolina. I definitely agree that it is very important to travel and get out and see things with family.

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