Did you know that Slow cookers can help your Family life?

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Do you use your slow cooker often?  I need to use mine more than what I do.  I know people that have more than one in case one is dirty. I work night shift so I sleep during the day.  It can be hard waking up in the afternoon and figuring out what to make and what doesn’t take too long.  I like when I use a crock pot because I when I wake up the meal is done.  Have you thought about how using a slow cooker can help your family life?

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  1.  Many times, a family’s full supper meal is the crock pot.  So that means less dishes for the mother or the children to was when it is their turn.
  2. Having a meal in the crock pot/slow cooker is time saving in the dinner process.  Many parents come home from work and it may take over a half an hour to prepare supper.  By the time, it is supper time the food should be ready.
  3. There are now freezer recipes that one can make ahead time.  Even a teen can take a bag out of the freezer and put in the freezer when the parent is not home.
  4. Even for stay at home moms, cooking in a slow cooker is great then they have more time to spend with the children or do other tasks in the home.

Crock pots or slow cookers have been around for a long time.  Many people will bring them to potlucks to keep things warm during the event.  There so many things that a person can make a slow cooker such as a main dish with vegetables, cake now, or hot chocolate.  Once you start using a slow cooker you will love how much time is saved when you get home from work to make supper.

Do you already cook with a slow cooker?  What is your favorite recipe to cook in a crock pot?  I like to do roast for my family because it falls to pieces and it has the vegetables with it as well. There is no need to dirty a new dish.

Looking for new recipes for your slow cooker then Join the Slow cooker recipe email challenge.   This will provide you with a new recipe each day and encourage you to use your slow cooker more often.

This week is going to be cooler temps in Minnesota, and the boy child has been asking for Beef Barley soup. So that’s what’s cooking in the crock pot right now. 🙂 And we’ll be having peach shortcake for dessert!

Hi Gail, thanks for sharing this on Bloggers Pitstop #86 – I recently bought a slow cooker from ebay (bargain) and am really starting to enjoy using it. I have various health problems, so when I actually manage to organise myself it is so useful…I wish I had bought it years ago, particularly when I was still working night shifts, like you. Just have to get my act together in the morning to get it on, but love having a meal ready in the eve with minimal prep…..beef stew is the best and my family love slow cooked gammon joint. Claire x

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