Required for Camping or Vacations

The time for vacations or camping is approaching us soon. There are many things that we think about putting in our bags for the trip.  I believe one necessity  is Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus.  I used this recently when I pulled out a shirt out of the drawer.  I didn’t …


Camping this weekend

This evening we are going camping for the weekend. We are staying in a cabin like building so not true camping.  We will have to cook over a fire.  Some friends are going too, they are bringing a barbecue grill.  I am just waiting for my husband to get off …


Recipes for a Camping Vacation

So to follow up with my camping themed posts, I thought it would be best to do some recipes that you can do while camping.  My family will be camping during the 4th of July weekend.  We normally do fairly simple meals when we go camping. Potatoes recipes are fairly …


What camping supplies do you need?

Camping is great frugal vacation idea for the summer time.  I figure since I posted about how great camping is for a vacation, that I should also supply you with the supplies you may need. I first would plan in advance what you need.  Do not wait till the last …

Frugal Living

Top 10 List of Why Camping is a Great vacation

  Camping is a great vacation to choose for the family.  It is also very frugal when trying to  not spend a great deal of money on vacation. 1. Tent sites at a campground cost less than $10 a night at most places. 2.  Campgrounds normally have multiple things to …