Frugal Living

Be Frugal and Make your own Birthday Cakes

Reasons to make Birthday Cakes Have you ever thought about making and decorating your kids or family’s birthday cakes?  Think about how frugal that would be.  Imagine the conversation you could have with your friends and how much you saved.  You may even be able to make some money on …

Food Recipes

Don’t Run to the Store and Spend Money

  Would you like to save a little more money in your grocery budget?  I am sure you have been in this situation before where there been a night when you started working on dinner then realized you were missing a crucial ingredient like some taco seasoning for the tacos? …

Frugal Living

DIY is the Best Way to Save Money

DIY is the best way to be frugal I believe.  This could be anything from making something yourself instead of buying it or it could be repairing something yourself.  Many people are scared about repairing something themselves.  Some women believe in the idea that a woman can do whatever a …


The Ultimate in Homemaking Knowledge

                                               The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is out.  This bundle sounds so great.  There are ebooks/ecourses for almost anyone. So many subjects to choose from, it is hard to …


Home Depot Deck Staining Workshop May 10

Deck & Patio Staining Stain like a pro Out with the old: learn about the steps to remove stains and finishes from decks and patios Make it last: brush up on new stains and cleaning products Dates: Sat, May 10, 2014 Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM