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Deals on Money Saving Books

Living Well, Spending Less 12 Secrets to a Good Life            on sale for $7.99 Kindle What To Buy When: A Guide To The Monthly Grocery & Retail Sales       $3.99 on Kindle  This could be a great book to know when things are on …

Food Recipes

Frugal is making Homemade Bread

If you want to be frugal, I think knowing how to make homemade bread should be a must.  If you don’t have anything else at least you would have bread.  Bread can make a sandwich with a meat. Bread can be a breakfast item or even a dessert item.  Most …

Making money

Frugal –Work at home is an option

Many people are choosing to work at home is some style or another.  Sometimes when people work at home, the word frugal comes to mind.  One is watching every dollar that is spent.  Sometimes while working at home, they may not be bringing in as much as if they were …


Top 10 Money Saving Ideas I use in my home

Are you looking for money saving ideas for your family to use in your own home?  I am always looking for new ones that I can use to save money.  Each family is different in the ways they save money.  What works for me may not work for my neighbor. …

Frugal Living

New Year —Frugal Year

So it is a new year. What a better time to make some changes in your household. Maybe you feel it is time to start becoming a little frugal with your money. Don’t just be frugal with your money.  What about being frugal with time. Think about your life where …